Outsourced legal counsel

Are you a company with recurring legal support needs, but not yet in need of a full-time legal counsel?  Do you have a temporary need for legal support during a growth period or absence of your legal counsel?

As “outsourced legal counsel”, I supply general legal support, just as an in-house counsel would.  This legal support can be of a “generalist” nature, covering areas like:

  • commercial contracts
  • corporate law
  • intellectual property
  • international
  • outside counsel management for litigation and other matters requiring specialized advice
  • employment law
  • compliance
  • data protection

Alternatively, my legal support can be focused on a specific area.  For example, a company may already have an in-house counsel, but need external legal support for international operations.

This type of legal services works best by defining a quantity of legal services which a company plans to require over a period of time, such as a number of hours per week or month over the duration of the engagement, such as 6 months.  This set-up allows for maximum efficiency as legal support can be provided on a continuous basis, without the need for administrative tasks for engagement.

An urgent matter comes up requiring legal attention?  An outsourced legal counsel can react quickly to handle it.

Benefits from this model include:

  • long-term relationship based on trust and understanding
  • deeper knowledge of a company’s business, which will greatly improve the quality and relevance of legal advice
  • preventive legal advice over full range of a company’s operations, not just the “fires to be put out”
  • quick reaction in case of urgent needs; just “pick up the phone”
  • flexibility from “buy what you need” approach, as an alternative to hiring costs and burdens
  • experienced attorney support at affordable overall cost
  • lower unit costs from long-term engagement