Companies for sale in bankruptcy

I collect information about French companies for sale in liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.  My sources for this information are public court filings and bankruptcy administrators or liquidators.

Upon request I can provide additional details and legal services to any companies or investors interested in exploring these opportunities.

Like people, companies sometimes need a second chance.


Company name:  EUROLINES SA

Description:  inter-city bus services

Location:  Paris area (Nanterre)

Revenues:  36.2M€

Staff:  149 employees

Website:  (for parent company)

Bid deadline:  30 October 2020


Company name:  ISOCHEM

Description:  Chemical manufacturing

Location:  Paris region

Revenues (2019):  57M€

Staff:  313 employees



Company name:  SUNEVIT

Description:  IT recruiting agency

Location:  Paris region

Revenues (2019):  1.7 M€

Staff:  17 employees


Bid deadline:  September 21, 2020


Company name:  Bio c’ Bon

Description: French distribution chain specializing in organic products

Location: France

Revenues (2019) : 147 M€

Staff: 1023 employees


Bid deadline: September 15, 2020 at noon